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About Duguneh

Duguneh is a rising Dutch DJ and music producer to keep an eye on.

With more than 150 shows a year, Duguneh is a regular guest in many clubs, various festivals, as well as radio shows such as the MixMarathon at SLAM where he showcases newly discovered gems and of course his own music.

Inspired by his half Gambian roots, he brings a unique, summery flavor to his dance and house music. Duguneh’s music has gained support from renowned artists, radio and television.

Beyond his music career, Duguneh is committed to making a positive impact on the environment. He is an official partner of JustDiggit, an organization working on positive climate change in Africa.

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Live shows

Duguneh is a dynamic DJ who skillfully weaves together a varied set of music. He takes audiences on an unforgettable musical journey. Together with the crowd, he explores the tropical shores of hot dance music, as well as crawl into the caves of forgotten hits and guilty pleasures from the past.

Whether playing to large festival crowds or intimate club gatherings, or as a guest DJ or resident DJ, Duguneh’s infectious energy and his ability to surprise and react to the crowd, make him a true musical adventurer for your event or venue.

In summary, booking Duguneh is a true way to elevate your event to the next level. With 10+ years of experience, as well as his ability to entertain and adapt to any crowd, your guests will be talking about your party long after it’s over.

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In 2018, Duguneh has started a new journey. Inspired by his roots, and with the goal to unite different cultures from all over the globe, he established an authentic style in which he blends African sounds into modern dance music. His music has been supported by many artists, radio stations and even popular tv-shows such as The Voice of Holland.

His first single “Sufre” almost instantly ranked in Spotify’s Viral Top 10.

In June 2020, the single “Take Back Your Life” with the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Mohombi (who is better known for his single Bumpy Ride) released. “We made this song to remind people to embrace the good in life and celebrate it.”, Duguneh said. The song was tipped by the Dutch Top 40.

The energetic tribal house release “Fire“, a collaboration with multi-platinum rapper Savage, is a regularly played prime-time banger by many renowned artists on major EDM festivals all around the globe.

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Global Warming Charity

JustDiggit x Duguneh

Duguneh is an official partner of JustDiggit, a charity organization working towards positive climate change in Africa. JustDiggit’s mission is to re-green Africa’s drylands, restore degraded land, and promote biodiversity and water conservation through innovative techniques and community-driven approaches.

As a partner, Duguneh is using his platform to raise awareness about important environmental issues and inspire others to take action. Moreover, he is making a tangible impact by allocating a portion of his turnover to JustDiggit. This means that you, as a potential booker, will also contribute to positive climate change.

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